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Phantom Mesh

Phantom mesh is a unique aviary screening material that provides positive containment and protection with virtually no visual restriction on the viewer. Phantom Mesh is second only to nature. It is virtually invisible from 30 feet. The Mesh is easily erected up to 40 feet high. It is economical to attach, and requires no mullions or frames. Phantom Mesh is also rodent proof and vandal resistant. Phantom Mesh can be woven to your specifications. It is a line of woven wire fabrics custom woven for aviary containment and protection. Phantom Mesh is a relatively new product. It is currently available in four standard weaves. Other combinations of weave diameter, pitch and wire diameter can be made available with new tubing. Standard Quality Phantom Mesh is manufactured from black nylon coated wire. The nylon is bonded over a galvanized steel core wire for double protection. The nylon thickness is approximately 0.002 inches. Premium Quality Phantom Mesh is manufactured from stainless steel wire which has a black oxide etching. All Phantom Mesh tends to be invisible when viewed from 10 to 25 feet away offering a seamless final touch that will enhance the overall project.

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