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Hartco H45 Clinching Tool

The Hartco Clinching Tool actually squeezes, instead of foling, the clip around the wire. In one step the driver blade cleanly picks up a single clip from the magazine and forms it in the anivl. Hartco's exclusive design eliminates the necessity of transferring the clip from a magazine to a foling jaw. Air powered on the power and return stroke, this simple toggle mechanism is responsible for the 2000 lbs of force. High quality. The Hartco tool squeezes clips positively tight with 2,000 lb of force. Cage wires are more tightly wrapped than with any other method or fastener. No sharp, protruding points to catch or tear feathers or flesh. Tight clips make cage assemblies rigid, strong, and long lasting. Jamming is no problem with this tool. Single-stroke clip pick-up and direct feed action results in positive trouble-free forming, clip after clip. The few parts and extremely rugged construction insures a long maintenance-free life.


Click to enlargeCarton of ClipsCarton of 9,000 clips for the Hartco Tool. Best used for 14 ga to 14 ga, 14 ga to 12 ga, 11 to 10 ga. Less waste - Hartco cage clips are furnished in 12-inch-long strips held together with a tough Mylar tape. Clip strips do not break in shipment or on the job site. Cage assemblers report up to 25 percent savings in waste.

Click to enlargeClips for the Hartco ToolCarton of 9,000 Clips for the Hartco Clinching Tool. Best used with 14 ga to 11, 10, 9 ga 12 ga to 12, 11 ga , 11 ga to 11 ga.


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